Sales Development Outreach

Developing and managing mutli-channel cold outreach campaigns to generate SQLs and qualified appointments

Booking Appointments with Warm Prospects

The cold email templates and LinkedIn best practices you find in Google are garbage. With email and LinkedIn getting abused by the majority of low skilled salespeople, cutting through the noise to have substantive conversations with decision makers has grown more challenging. The key is to earn replies and start conversations – and that takes skill. You’ll be guided through the process of developing and executing a multi-channel cold outreach strategy tailored to your target customer.

What to Expect When Building Your Campaign

Step 1: Target Audience Discovery

A deep dive on your target audience, types of companies, roles within companies

Step 2: Solutions Discovery

A deep dive into the problems you solve, how you identify those problems with prospects, and questions you ask to uncover those problems

Step 3: Messaging Plan

Brainstorm and collaborate on several messaging strategies based on common problem / solution scenarios

Step 4: Creative

Our creative team develops message sequences, and response templates, while also setting up systems to manage automation and pipeline integration

Step 5: Pre-Launch Review

We conduct a full review, walking you through all campaign elements

Step 6: Campaign Launch

Once all assets have received your final approval, the campaign can be taken live – from there we monitor, make adjustments, and review with you each on a regular basis