List Building

Even the best message will fail without a list of qualified prospects.


With a wide range of tools available, it can be hard to know what to do. Once we identify your outreach strategy and target prospect, we leverage a combination of tools to research current and verified email addresses, LinkedIn profiles, websites, companies, office number, cell phones, and more.


Partial data or an existing list is a great starting point, and contact enrichment is the next step. Whether you need to acquire current contact info, company data, custom data points unique to each person, and more, enriching your data will set you apart from every other competitor vying for you prospect’s attention.


A lot of small teams try to carve out an hour per day to prospect, and manually research individual prospects. This may help your messaging to resonate, but this is not a scalable approach. Our team and tools approach provides the volume needed for successful outreach.

Strategy and Value

Cold sales outreach presents a range of challenges for people with limited time and resources. Buying a list on the cheap will probably fall on it’s face. Paying for an expensive subscription to a quality platform will cost you big time, and leave you with incomplete data. Manually hunting for one prospect at a time is very time consuming and is hard to sustain. To prospect well, you’ll need a multi-step process to properly enrich your data. Cut to the done-for-you solution that leverages the tools, expertise and team to acquire targeted prospects based on your custom specifications.