Programmatic and Display Advertising

A key ingredient in a full funnel digital strategy

What is Display Advertising?

If you’re not familiar with it already, display advertising is a form a pay-per-click advertising that utilizes images, and videos in addition to text, on various third-party outlets in order to draw the attention, and hopefully business of consumers. Display advertising can be done on websites, in apps, on social media, etc. People often think of display advertising as banner ads, but display advertising can be done in a variety of formats, some of which can even include audio (although we don’t recommend it—Have you ever had to find the one tab that was playing unsolicited sound bites or music when browsing the web? Think about how frustrating and stressful that is. Granted, audio does have its place in some cases, though.)

What is Programmatic Advertising?

Thanks to tremendous volumes of customer data made available through various sources, display advertising has evolved and become more effective and targeted. For example, with the integration of AI, you get programmatic advertising which allows us to purchase ad placements on different platforms based on your selected buyer persona criteria, then let AI do all of the heavy lifting by analyzing and deciding what time and places are best to run the ad for the maximum results.

Our Approach to Programmatic and Display Ads

Our team of experts know that not all ads are created equal and that it’s more important than ever before to ensure that the right ads go on the right sites. That’s why we get an in-depth knowledge of your business, do serious research, run A/B split testing on every element of an ad, and more to ensure that your money is working for you.

Answers to Your Questions

We Talk to You and Understand Your Goals

If we don’t know you, your business, and your business goals, we can’t put your ads to work for you. That’s why we take the time to get to know you and your business and really understand what your goals are so that we can ensure your ads are perfect from the wording to the placement.

We Create Ads That Drive Results

Our team of experts is experienced in drafting ad copy that not only tells people why they should buy from you but it shows them as well. We make sure that your ads will perform well and help fuel your business’s growth.

We Run A/B Split Testing Until We Reach Perfection

At Conversions 360 we are driven by results, that’s why we run A/B split testing on ads until we find the perfect formula. Our goal is to help you generate qualified leads and sales, so we will constantly make adjustments to improve the results and we don’t stop until we achieve perfection.

We Report Back and Start a Plan for the Next Ad Set

As your ads run, they generate data that tell us how an ad set performed and what we can do better. We analyze that data and put a plan into action that will help the next ad set perform even better than the first.